Sunday, November 29, 2009

60 days natural

Well It's been almost 60 days since my big chop!!! *cheer*
For the first 45 days, my hair could do no wrong, wash and go and my curls took are of themselves.
Now my hair is filling in a bit and it's not looking as *cute* and "polished" as it did before. My hair is taking on a more; fuzzy and puffy appearance, so I'm changing my hair routine.

At first I could get away with just Aloe Vera gel, however, this is not the case anymore.
Now my routine will include using Fantasia Gel. One of the reasons that I have not used much of this gel is because it dries my hair out. To combat this I'm adding two new products that I hope will get my hair back to all it's glorious cuteness.

The two new products include:
  • Alba Botanica soft hold style cream (I purchased this on a whim while in Whole Foods Store)
  • Jane Carter Solution: Revitalizing leave-in conditioner
My plan is to spritz my hair with the Leave-in conditioner then mix the soft hold style cream with my Fantasia gel and a bit of Olive olive and apply to my hair.
Yesterday when I tried the Soft hold on my hair (without any styling gel) it did not seem to make a difference on my hair as far as defining curl but I have to say it really worked well straightening my edges!! JC's Leave-in conditioner did seem to soften my hair a bit.

Today I am treating my hair with my scheduled shampoo and deep condition w/ my Ayurvedic oils and powders. Then I will put my new styling plan into actions.
I believe that my hair should turn out okay today since I'm doing a deep condition I'm more interesting in seeing how these two new products hold up in my everyday line up....... stay tuned!

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